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I am running as the Republican candidate for Hamilton County School Board District 5 representative to be a unifying voice for all citizens of District 5. I grew up in District 5, attended public schools in District 5 and graduated from Brainerd High School. I attended UTC and graduated with a B.S. degree in Business Administration. I have been a practicing attorney for many years and my wife Kerri Parks Paty and I have 6 children between us; four who graduated from college, one who served in the United States Marine Corps and one chef. I will listen to and consider all viewpoints on issues which come before the School Board; and not be dismissive of viewpoints with which I may not happen to agree. 
Sixty (60%) percent of the Hamilton County budget is dedicated to our schools. We must do a better job of stewardship of taxpayers' funds to ensure that the funds are being used to positive impact the learning environment for our students and teachers. Many students who graduate are not ready for the next stage of their lives. We have to be innovative with learning curriculum starting in K-3rd grades that will teach children to read. Being able to read is the key to learning. If children are not able to read by 3rd grade they cannot be expected to move forward in their educational development. Not all students will move to post-secondary institutes of higher learning; we must therefore continue to expand on various future ready programs in the schools. As the District 5 representative I will undertake, with input from the community and the various stakeholders, to work towards these outcomes. 
I know the challenges faced by the families and students in District 5. I am asking you to trust me with your vote in the Tuesday, May 3 primary and Thursday, August 4 general election. Thank you 

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